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Fishing Gambia
Great people and amazing fishing , Africa for the touch of the wild



Hooked On Gambia

The tropical climate enjoyed in The Gambia provides excellent salt and freshwater fishing 12 months of the year, and fish of 300lb are not unheard of.Our company, born from a mutual love of catching BIG fish and this small West African country, has just 3 aims: -

1. To provide an efficient and professional service that results in our customers spending MORE time fishing whilst spending LESS on the overall cost of their fishing trip;
2. To offer a sustainable approach to fishing in The Gambia thereby safeguarding big catches (and income for future generations of both tourists and locals alike); and above all
3. To have fun catching BIG fish

Bob Broxton
Denton Bridge, The Gambia
(220) 774728 or (44) 1792 458527














Fishing Gambia - Fishing Gambia - Fishing Gambia




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